June 29 – July 20
Auction/veiling Duchenne Heroes

September 15
Cartooning Workshop
@ University of Twente, IDE

October 1-31
Cartoons course participants exhibited
@ Vrijhof, University of Twente


LUVANE is a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer, occasionally working on audiovisual productions. His cartoons are published monthly in the University of Twente’s newspaper U-Today. LUVANE’s work has been subject to solo and group exhibitions. Clients include University of Cambridge, University of Twente, and the municipality of Enschede.

Being a graduate in Industrial Design Engineering, and currently working as a librarian and lecturer, much of LUVANE’s work is related to academic research and education. 

Past events

2021 Cartooning with LUVANE (for design students) @online
2020 Cartoon Drawing, course @University of Twente
2020 The World of Cartoons, lecture @University of Twente
2020 Sketch to Cartoon, exhibit @University of Twente
2019 Solar Team Illustrations, exhibit @De Grolsch Veste
2018 U-Today Cartoons, exhibit @University of Twente
2015 Pastel Drawings, exhibit @University of Twente


2020 - now | Cover design

Doctoral Thesis Covers

March 2021 | Illustration & design

'Conversation Pieces' Supply Chain Management

December 2020 | Public artwork

Cultural Associations on Campus

November 2020 | Portrait

Rector Magnificus Thom Palstra

September 2020 | Public Artwork

Willem Wilmink & Harry Bannink

2020 - 2021 | Visual Branding

Campus Talks with Peter-Paul Verbeek

2020 - 2021 | Music & Animations

Campus Talks with Peter-Paul Verbeek

May 2020 | Illustration & Design

Research posters Create Tomorrow

2020 - Now | Illustrations & Design

Programmes Studium Generale

June 2019 | Board game

Solar Team Twente & Xperimenta

april 2019 | Cover Design

Electrical engineering magazine

december 2017 | Poster design

Conference University of Cambridge

2017 - now | Cartoons

U-Today (University Newspaper)

2016-2017 | cartoons

UT-Nieuws (University newspaper)


Instagram: @followluvane
Facebook: @followluvane