7 March, 19:00
Wat is er met de cartoon aan de hand? 
@ Concordia, Enschede


LUVANE is a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer, with a passion for music composition. Starting out as cartoonist for University of Twente’s newspaper U-Today, he currently draws cartoons for the weekly events of public platforms Studium Generale and Science Cafe Enschede. LUVANE’s work has been subject to solo and group exhibitions and can be spotted at various locations in Enschede. 

Being a graduate in Industrial Design Engineering, and currently working as a librarian and lecturer, much of LUVANE’s work is related to academic research and education. 

Past events

2023 Science cartoons at PCST 2023 @De Doelen, Rotterdam
2022 Storyboarding workshop @ITC, Enschede
2021 Cartooning with LUVANE (for design students) @online
2020 Cartoon Drawing, course @University of Twente
2020 The World of Cartoons, lecture @University of Twente
2020 Sketch to Cartoon, exhibit @University of Twente
2019 Solar Team Illustrations, exhibit @De Grolsch Veste
2018 U-Today Cartoons, exhibit @University of Twente
2015 Pastel Drawings, exhibit @University of Twente


2022 | 4-part public artwork

Sports Clubs on campus

2020 - Now | Illustration & design

Events Studium Generale

2021 | Artwork (sold as print)

Yale University Library

2021 | Illustration & design

'Conversation Pieces' Supply Chain Management

2020 | Public artwork

Cultural Associations on Campus

2020 | Portrait

Rector Magnificus Thom Palstra

2020 | Public Artwork

Willem Wilmink & Harry Bannink

2020 - 2021 | Visual Branding

Campus Talks with Peter-Paul Verbeek

2020 - Now | Cover design

Doctoral Thesis covers

2020 | Illustration & Design

Research posters Create Tomorrow

2019 | Illustrations

U-Today Magazine

2017 - 2023 | Cartoons

U-Today (University Newspaper)

2019 | Board game

Solar Team Twente & Xperimenta

2019 | Cover Design

Electrical engineering magazine

2017 | Poster design

Conference University of Cambridge

2016-2017 | cartoons

UT-Nieuws (University newspaper)


LUVANE - The music of Campus Talks

October 2021 | sheet music for piano

Campus Talks Season 1 & 2

2021 | Music & animations

Campus Talks Season 2

2021 | Live Music

'Climactic' on Carillon

2021 | Live Music

'Brain Race' on Carillon

2020 | Music & animations

Campus Talks Season 1


Instagram: @followluvane
Facebook: @followluvane
Twitter: @followluvane